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Welcome to the NEMICS Supportive Care Directory

This directory, developed by the North Eastern Metropolitan Integrated Cancer Service (NEMICS) provides descriptions and details of a wide range of supportive care services available for people affected by cancer who live in Melbourne's northern and eastern suburbs.

People affected by cancer include the person who has the cancer, as well as family and friends who accompany their loved ones during their cancer journey.

 What is supportive care?

 The term "Supportive Care:

  • focuses on the 'whole person'
  • relates to the unique physical, psychological, social and spiritual parts of people's lives
  • Involves finding out what people need in these areas and offering information and support that can help
  • complements their medical treatment and care

Supportive care also relates to helping people affected by cancer during the end of their lives, and supporting family and friends after the death of a loved one.

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 What do people affected by cancer need?

People affected by cancer need supportive care as well as medical treatment.
Cancer can interrupt the normal flow of life. It can raise issues and problems such as:

  • concerns about family - spouses, children, parents, siblings
  • childcare, transport, financial or work related difficulties
  • worries, fears, sadness and other feelings
  • changes in appearance, eating difficulties, constipation, nausea, extreme tiredness
  • pain
  • changes in memory and concentration
  • changes to relationships and sex lives
  • thoughts about faith, concerns about future
Hospitals and community-based organisations offer many services to help people affected by cancer to manage in these areas.